New Workday experience coming soon!

Beginning early September, ֱ will make the switch to Workday Today. This switch is a collection of updates designed to give users a more personalized Workday experience and improve the capabilities for specific functionalities. Everyone who uses Workday will be impacted by this switch.

Users can expect the following major updates:

  1. New redesigned Homepage experience
  2. New improved Search capabilities
  3. New My Tasks (formerly Inbox) capabilities

Below is a detailed look at each update mentioned above along with a video outlining the changes.

  1. Global Navigation Menu

    Quick access to all applications and organize your Shortcuts.

  2. Awaiting Your Action

    Displays up to three of the most recent items from your Inbox, and a quick link to your inbox.

  3. Your Team

    For managers only. Access reminders and action items about your team.

  4. Timely Suggestions

    Cards based on your profile and activities in Workday.

  5. Recommended For You

    Workday will use this section to promote articles or videos designed to help you learn more about specific Workday features.

  6. Quick Tasks

    Displays the most frequently accessed tasks.

  7. Your Top Apps

    Shows your top 4 apps. Click the "View All Apps" to acces all Workday applications.

  8. Announcements

    Same announcements, a new location.

Watch this 3 minute video to see the new Workday homepage in action!

  1. Saved Categories

    Choose your preferred search categories. Customize this section under the Configure Search, see #3.

  2. More Categories

    Additional categories to filter your search.

  3. Configure Search

    Customize and order your search categories, personalized to you.

  4. Search Tips

    Get the most out of Workday Search with these tips!

  5. Search Results

    See the results of your search.

Explore the enhanced search functionality coming to Workday with this 3 minute video!

3. My Tasks

  1. All Items

    Displays all tasks that require your attention.

  2. Filters

    Refine task results for easy access.

  3. Archive

    See past tasks you have completed.

  4. Bulk Approve

    Approve bulk tasks, if applicable.

  5. Manage Delegations

    Manage Delegations is used to see all your delegations you setup.

  6. Seach Tasks

    Search your tasks to futher refine your results.

  7. Sort By

    Sort and display your tasks results in a manner most important to you.

Learn more how My Tasks work in this 3 minute video!